Savannah Country Day School

Stratford Academy

Excellence Never Rests
For this independent Macon school that needed to make new investments in order to maintain its excellence, we highlighted a story about one of the school's founders, who kept putting off the purchase of his wife's new couch, so that they could help support the fledgling school. We subtly placed a couch in each photograph within the case, reminding today's prospective donors of the many sacrifices that were made before.

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quotesThe history of Stratford Academy is a history of excellence – and of commitment. In our school’s earliest days, many sacrifices were made. The story is told of one of the school’s founding board members, Dr. Bill Shirley, who promised his wife Bess a sofa for their home...During this historic opportunity, may a simple sofa serve as a powerful reminder, that we, too, are called to commit. Because, for the best education, for the best future, excellence never rests.quotes