Israel PIece

Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church

The Promise Before Us
Mount Pisgah is the mountain that Moses climbed to look over into the Promised Land, as described in Deuteronomy. We focused on this historical significance of the church's name and asked the Mount Pisgah congregation to see the wonderful potential – the promise – made possible by their capital campaign.

Copy Excerpt

quotesWant to hear the Mount Pisgah Student Version (MPSV) of the Great Commission? Our students lead Fellowship of Christian Athletes at school. They serve as Christian role models at camps. They lead prayer groups. They volunteer at church. They serve in the community. They lead Bible studies. They go on mission trips. They mentor young children. They bring their parents to church. They come to worship, learn and grow – and then they “go, and make disciples.” The MPSV – it’s an awesome translation.quotes